Success Stories


I find Amanda, a great person to talk to, and I know that she will respect confidentiality. If there are other people she thinks could help, she will always ask for permission to discuss anything with them.

Professionalism Amanda always appears professional to me, and has offered good advice.

Roles and responsibilities
Her role is to help me see different ways of dealing with problems, the responsibilities really, are my self to carry them out.

Rapport Building
I get on really well with Amanda, she is friendly, approachable, and she imparts advice without being critical.

Setting goals. Read, "Feel the Fear". S.W.O.T,

Action Planning
Setting goals. Working through problems or events.

Achievement of targets
As discussed with Amanda. I'm very good at taking advice and knowing what I need to do to change, but I find it hard to put them into practice.

Good listener, friendly, helpful, reliable and approachable

Any additional Comments.
It has been a pleasure to meet Amanda; she is one of the few people I can really talk to.

Sheila - November 2007