Success Stories

Some stories from clients describing the benefits of Spiral Life Coaching. (*names have been changed.)

Testimonial - Lucy*

When I first went to see Amanda I was a Personal Trainer who loved one-two-one sessions but dreaded the thought of standing in front of a group and teaching an exercise class. more...

Story - Steve*

Steve came to coaching feeling decidedly 'stuck in a rut'. He badly needed new challenges to help him move forwards with his life. By setting realistic and achievable targets outside of his comfort zone e.g. enrolling on an advanced driving course, Steve has started to expand his boundaries and to realise that his passive behaviour patterns have probably been holding him back from achieving his long-term goals.

Story - Patricia*

Patricia came to coaching feeling she needed to re-build work-related confidence - and from that flowed a number of other things that helped her reassess priorities. Patricia is now enjoying a new part time job. The benefits of the time she took to reflect on her life are described in her own words; I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t come to see you, I know that. It’s been money well spent’.

Story - Jane*

Jane came to coaching describing long-standing issues with confidence and self-esteem. Working together over a period of four months, we were able to clarify her career ambitions, improve her communication skills and challenge some unhelpful ‘habits of a lifetime’. Jane has now secured a career development loan and started the doctorate she has always dreamed of doing. She describes her coaching journey as ‘inspiring’.

Story - Sarah*

I have been attending Life Coaching sessions with Amanda since July 2007 and have taken part in 7 sessions so far. I have found Amanda to be extremely professional during these sessions and she explained to me from the start the importance of confidentiality. For these reasons I have always felt very comfortable talking about my problems. I feel we have had a good rapport from the beginning and although I initially struggled to voice my problems with anxiety, Amanda is very good at drawing you out and deciding what areas need looking into. more...

Story - Emma*

I have been to see Amanda for six sessions. At the beginning of our sessions she stressed that everything would be confidential. I have found her to be extremely warm, approachable and friendly while at the same time maintaining a high level of professionalism. I found her very easy to get on with and talk to and she helped me to find out what I wanted to gain from the sessions - as I wasn't sure at first. more...

Testimonial - Sheila*

I find Amanda, a great person to talk to, and I know that she will respect confidentiality. If there are other people she thinks could help, she will always ask for permission to discuss anything with them. more...